I just had a look at our Medicine 2.0 social network ( database to see how many connections have been made in the past week: Over 1300 connections were added (a connection is defined as a Medicine 2.0 user connecting to another user by saying they have met, they want to meet, they are a fan or friend/colleague)! 450 of these connections were made at the Medicine 2.0 Congress in Stanford through scanning badges - i.e. ou... [read more]

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See the video on YouTube here Medicine 2.0: Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Health, Medicine and Biomedical ResearchMedicine 2.0'12 (Boston, USA)Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical SchoolSeptember 15, 2012 – September 16, 2012Thank you, Stanford, for hosting Medicine 2.0'11, which was SOLD OUT and a great success. See you all next year in Boston!(Attended Medicine 2.0 @ Stanford? Please fill in this electron... [read more]

Fri, Sep 23 at 1:32PM


Medicine 2.0'11 at Stanford is over and we are already busy preparing the next Medicine 2.0'12 in Boston (Sept 15-16th 2012). Since 2008, we have always "embedded" epatients in Medicine 2.0, and as in past Medicine 2.0 conferences, we will actively engage epatients in the 2012 conference. This starts with having epatients (such as epatient Dave) on the advisory board, and ends with offering free participation for epatients.For the latter we will ... [read more]

Fri, Sep 23 at 1:32PM


Larry had the brilliant idea to put QR codes on Medicine 2.0 badges, which contains a URL. Use an iphone/android app like Redlaser to scan he badge of the person you are talking to.We combined this powerful tool with the Medicine 2.0 Social Network, which means that - if you use the default URL linking to your med2 profile page - not only can you see the profile of the person you are chatting with when you scan the QR code, but that person is als... [read more]

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Update Sep 2011: A decision for 2012 has been made - Medicine 2.0'12 will take place in Boston at the spectacular new conference center at Harvard Medical School. We are currently accepting bids and proposals for potential hosts of 2013 - please contact the conference series producer Dr Eysenbach for the RFPPlease help us to decide where the next Medicine 2.0 (2012) should be hosted (use the poll at the top of this page).Should we stay in the Sil... [read more]

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Explore the Medicine 2.0 Social Network http://www.medicine20.netAs the founder and producer of the Medicine 2.0 series it was always my intention to use and support social media as much as possible when putting together Medicine 2.0 conferences.There is twitter of course (the Medicine 2.0 community uses the #med2 hashtags), and Facebook, but the "drawback" of these communities is that they are open for anybody to join - which is great in princi... [read more]

Fri, Oct 14 at 7:51AM


The Stanford Organizing committee is proud to announce 14 more winners of scholarships to attend the Stanford Summit and Medicine 2.0 @ Stanford. This brings the total number of scholarships awarded by Stanford to an unprecedented 23 ePatient scholarships (5 full scholarships, 2 travel awards, and 18 partial scholarships)! The Stanford Organizing committee committed funding to the epatient scholarship program because it believes that patients are... [read more]

Wed, Aug 31 at 3:23AM


With the Medicine 2.0 Stanford conference just a few weeks away, I'm happy to share that the bloggers from Medgadget will be at the conference as a media partner. Medgadget, which calls itself as "the Internet journal of emerging medical technologies," has been covering the space for years and I'm excited to see their reportage at Medicine 2.0. -Larry Chu, MD For more information about the congress, preregistration for future conferences, abstrac... [read more]

Wed, Aug 31 at 3:23AM


Brian S. McGowan, PhD, and his co-authors, Bryan Vartabedian, Robert Miller and Molly Wasko, will present their recent survey work on the "Meaningful Use" of social media by physicians at Medicine 2.0 @ Stanford next month.In a recent interview (via Skype) with Dr. Paul Martin from the AIM lab at Stanford, Brian explained his research project and the goals he hopes to achieve by presenting his work at Medicine 2.0 @ Stanford.Dr. McGowan's group w... [read more]

Sat, Sep 10 at 4:30PM


In an effort to make Medicine 2.0 Stanford as accessible as possible to all ePatients, we are delighted to offer partial and full scholarships for ePatients to attend Medicine 2.0 Stanford. Some of these awards include limited funds to defray the cost of travel. We'd like to congratulate the following ePatients scholarship winners: Sean Ahrens (Full Scholarship, 3-Days)Hugo Campos (Partial Scholarship, 3-Days)Melinda Cuthbert (Full Scholarship, 3... [read more]

Wed, Aug 17 at 5:34AM


I'm excited to announce an unprecedented opportunity for ePatients with financial need to attend the upcoming Medicine 2.0 conference at Stanford University. We recognize that ePatients often have significant financial constraints that limit their ability to pay registration fees to attend important conferences. ePatients often spend a considerable portion of their income on health care-related expenditures. We want to make Medicine 2.0 Stanford ... [read more]

Wed, Aug 17 at 5:34AM


James Barrett and his colleagues at Brigham Young University did a study to provide a panoramic view of the thousands of paid apps pertaining to the health and fitness category on iTunes. The researchers created a database of 3,773 paid apps under the Health and Fitness category of iTunes, including the app title, the developer’s description and the price. Each app was coded according to one of the CDC’s core content areas for health promotion, w... [read more]

Wed, Aug 31 at 3:23AM

dr. Marc Sprenger, the newly appointed director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Stockholm, S), just confirmed his participation in the Opening session of the Medicine 2.0 congress that takes place 29-30 Nov in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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Michael Massagli posted Job Openings at PatientsLikeMe

We currently have openings for the following positions: Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer Senior QA Engineer please visit our 'careers' page at: please share with extremely good candidates you know who may be looking. thanks.

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Hello everyone, Last year a few of us reconnected for a second Med 2.0 dinner at the CN Tower after the closing ceremony on friday evening. A few of us (IMIA Web 2.0 taskforce and friends) would like to repeat this event and extend our invitation to all participants. Please use this thread to sing up. I will make a reservation on Friday at noon and will post the details back on this page. Gunther, it would be great if this year you could join us!... [read more]

Francisco J Grajales III: Hello everyone, I have 9 people here + Imma + Joan + Kevin + Matic + Me + Jen = 15 We will all meet at the bottom of the CN tower at 21:10 Reservation name: Med 2.0 Unofficial dinner I know its late but it was the only time we could get a group that ... [read more]
Francisco J Grajales III: Add Chiah to it too :) =16
Larry Chu: I think Cindy wants to come too, if it's not too late...

Fri, Sep 18 at 12:38PM (12 comments)

Join our online focus group to discuss issues of: - describing user-generated content by educational metadata - IPR practice for user-generated content - standards for user-generated content - repurposing user-generated content Email us:,

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Stathis Konstantinidis posted Interest in Content Sharing?

Are you an Academic teacher? A Medical Student? A Health Professional? Perhaps you can assist us by completing the survey available at : Interesting in becoming associate member of a big European Best Practice Network in Medical Educational content sharing? Register at:

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Remco Hoogendijk posted Join the Health20 Challenge

Dear fellow Health20 fans, We, the Dutch, are starting a little competition. Please don't tell everybody, but it's serious. If you want to know more, please check out

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Remco Hoogendijk posted Join the Health20 Challenge

Dear fellow Health20 fans, We, the Dutch, are starting

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As part of my PhD, I'm conducting a meta-analysis of online behavioural change interventions. In particular, I'm searching for empirical studies about websites designed to encourage healthy behaviours related to public health and safety, as well as environmental protection. To ensure I don't overlook any key research, I'm wondering if you could recommend any published or unpublished papers. I'd be grateful if you could share any suggestions in th... [read more]

Michael Massagli: Here is a new publication in this area: Efficacy of an Internet-Based Behavioral Intervention for Adults With Insomnia Lee M. Ritterband, PhD; Frances P. Thorndike, PhD; Linda A. Gonder-Frederick, PhD; Joshua C. Magee, MA; Elaine T. Bailey, PhD; Drew... [read more]
Michael Massagli: Here's another: Internet-Based Self-management Plus Education Compared With Usual Care in Asthma A Randomized Trial Victor van der Meer, MD; Moira J. Bakker, RN; Wilbert B. van den Hout, PhD; Klaus... [read more]
Rafael Pascual-Leone: Interesting links. Thanks for posting them. I too am interested in this fascinating area.

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Lawrence Sherman posted Anyone in Toronto on Wednesday Night?

I'll be arriving into Toronto early Wednesday evening and would like to meet up with other Med 2.0 attendees for a casual dinner. I am presenting on Thursday morning but have to leave right after the lecture so I would like to try to network/meet some folks on Wednesday. Anyone interested?

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Peter Murray posted Thanks, Gunther and team

Many thanks to Gunther and his team for all their hard work in creating another Medicine 2.0 event that looks like it will rival last year's. The programme looks very interesting, and I look forward to participating - although, this year, I am mainly there to learn things, as well as catch up with new friends made last year. The plethora of Web 2.0 related tools that are being used around the event is great too - hopefully it can act as an exampl... [read more]

Pat Rich: I'm also interested in seeing what true value these tools (Twitter, blogging etc) bring to a meeting such as this rather than just "let's do it because we can". At some meetings recently I have seen a plethora of Web 2.0 activities around presentatio... [read more]
Francisco J Grajales III: I would also like to thank and congratulate Gunther and team for putting an amazing event. Just from reading the program it appears that it will be larger and better than last year. W00T for Medicine 2.0! I am also curious what will happen next year ... [read more]

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Formal abstract submissions for the Medicine 2.0 congress are now closed. However, there is still a possibility to speak: We will have one or more unconference sessions (e.g. over lunch), where people can either present something (there is a limit of 10 slides) or initiate a discussion on something. If you would to present something, please add your thoughts (at least a presentation title and how much time you need) to this thread. Presentation t... [read more]

John Strauss: Benzodiazepine withdrawal 2.0: peer detox communities 10 minutes
Clay Ewing: I've started developing a database for patients to submit their hospital bills (in the United States). It's my hope that I'll be able to collect enough data to do something useful with it (visualizations, cost comparisons, etc). It's not that develop... [read more]
Francisco J Grajales III: Another option for those that want more time or wish to participate in a full unconference, you may also want to take a look at Health Camp Toronto which is taking place on the 16th. I know quite a few people that are attending Med 2.0 will also be a... [read more]

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Myrna Morales left a note for Carlos Rizo

Looking forward to hearing your presentation!

Mon, Sep 14 at 6:40AM

Alberto E Tozzi left a note for Daniela Paolotti

Mi sa che tu arrivi più tardi di me e forse fai pure uno scalo. Ti lascio un msg al delta ?

Thu, Sep 10 at 10:55AM

Request for Proposals: Local Organizers for Medicine 2.0’10 and Medicine 2.0’11 Conferences The Medicine 2.0® conference – organized in 2008 and 2009 in Toronto – will go on a world-tour and goes global and viral. Starting in 2010, Medicine 2.0 conferences will be locally organized in different countries/venues, branded as regional conferences (Medicine 2.0-EUROPE or Medicine 2.0-ASIA), supported centrally by the original, core Medicine 2.0® team... [read more]

Gunther Eysenbach: The URL of the Medicine 2.0 above contains a typo -obviously the correct URL is . A number of omissions were made in the RFP document, so please use the corrected version below.

Wed, Sep 2 at 1:05PM (1 comment)

is there one established? Using medicine20?

Gunther Eysenbach: The twitter hashtag for medicine 2.0 is #med2

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Health informatics students at Indiana University (USA) are exploring the issue of whether they should create professional online profiles and portfolios to use when entering the workforce. Some teachers, to use one example, routinely build CD-ROM and/or paper-based portfolios to share with potential employers; portfolios are also important to arts and new media students. Should informatics students create similar compilations of their work? Do e... [read more]

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Please pass this on to anybody who might be interested! *** Call for Papers **** 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2010 March 22nd-25th 2010, Munich, Germany Pervasive healthcare is an emerging research discipline, focusing on the development and application of pervasive and ubiquitous computing technology for healthcare and wellness. Pervasive healthcare seeks to respon... [read more]

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Michael Massagli: UCB and PatientsLikeMe Partner to Give People With Epilepsy a Voice in Advancing Research -- Unique Industry-Patient Partnership to Improve Understanding of Epilepsy -- Epilepsy Patients Will Share Real-Time, Day-to-Day Progress in Controlling Seizur... [read more]

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We're looking for someone special. Please take a look at:

Michael Massagli: Just wanted to let you know this position has been filled. We remain open to applications that will help us meet our future needs.
Michael Massagli: Here is a link to a new opportunity with PatientsLikeMe. Glad to hear from you or please refer to someone if you think they are interested and qualified.

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